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Borut Zizmond

About Me

Hi! My name is Borut and I am in the process of building my first online business using a simple strategy that anyone can do. I’m a full-time software developer but the idea of having an online business and to be my own boss always intrigued me. I know this probably seems the usual story of an average Joe who struggles with his job, bought few crappy courses and then found the “magic wand” which allows him to live a wealthy lifestyle. Well, believe me or not this average Joe is me, well sort of. The difference is that I’m not struggling with my job, actually I’m enjoying it, it’s just that I’d like something more in my life and that I’m not wealthy beyond imagination, yet ;)  But you bet I bought a lot of crap that was promising easy money. From courses for “easy” selling on Amazon, to some dodgy apps to trick an online casino.

At the end I found out that there is no such a thing as a perfect course that will teach you the secret that only few people on the internet knows or a “push a button” software that will gain you thousands of dollars per day. There are just simple strategies and a LOT of hard work.

Did I make it? You are probably asking yourself. Not yet, but I’m on my new journey to make it. And if you are interested what this simple strategy is, follow me and I can tell you more.

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